Business Activities

JIRA Vision 2025
(Target Image of the Medical Imaging Systems Industry)

1. Leading the world ahead of social change and Realize medical innovation Through the research and creation of high-precision, high-function, minimally invasive diagnostic imaging and treatment that matches social trends (declining birthrate, aging, personalized medicine, etc.), the following will be realized.
(1) Extending healthy life expectancy through early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment
(2) Strengthen and expand the imaging medical system industry in conjunction with new medical industry fields
2. Contribute to improving medical quality and expanding the medical device industry through the use of innovative digital technologies Contribute to the following by promoting the use of AI, medical IoT, medical big data, next-generation communication technology, etc. in the imaging medical system industry.
(1) Creation of clinical value and expansion of medical support technology, linkage between diagnosis and treatment, and medical efficiency.
(2) Telemedicine, regional comprehensive cooperation, realization of medical / treatment information portability, creation of related industries such as prevention / home
3. Contribute to the world by providing superior Japanese medical systems and systems Aiming to achieve the following through international alignment and regional regulations that are necessary for the international development of imaging medical systems and services.
(1) Contributing to global medical care by accelerating overseas expansion of the Japanese medical system
(2) Export expansion of medical equipment and related industries
4. Realize safe, secure and stable medical care by providing systems that adapt to changes in society and the natural environment Aim to achieve the following by promoting the development of imaging medical systems adapted to energy issues, cyber attacks, natural disasters, changes in the working population, etc.
(1) Providing medical care with excellent environmental performance (energy saving, small size, usability, etc.) and sustainable in an emergency
(2) Ensuring cybersecurity that can withstand threats on medical networks