International Committee


This committee collects and analyzes information required to promote overseas operations related to medical equipment and collaborate with related overseas organizations. As for international activities, JIRA has established DITTA with US’s NEMA-MITA and Europe’s COCIR and the committee works to deepen collaboration with government agencies of overseas countries, international institutions, such as the WHO and the World Bank, and the forum of the international regulatory authority (IMDRF) and promotes efforts for the resolution of international issues and convergence of regulations on medical equipment.


  • International Committee
    • International Expert Committee
    • DITTA Expert Committee

Main activities

Main Committee
 The International Committee plans a general business plan and budget for international activities in which its International Expert Committee and DITTA Expert Committee and other associated expert committees on overseas medical equipment regulations are involved and promotes the smooth implementation of such activities. The committee seeks to harmonize views with JIRA’s other committees through the DITTA Expert Committee.

International Expert Committee
●The committee works to provide market information to member companies by constantly monitoring overseas market conditions and solve challenges related to trade issues by picking up events that may pose an obstacle to access to overseas markets, collaborating with related industrial association at home and abroad, and making proposals to concerned regulatory authorities.
●The committee supports surveys on trends in overseas regulations and standards on medical equipment and efforts for the harmonization of international regulations implemented mainly by the Expert Committee on International Regulations on Medical Equipment.
●In cooperation with the Expert Committee on International Regulations on Medical Equipment, the committee sends its representatives to forums such as the AHWP, APEC, and CIMDR to collect information concerning medical equipment in Asia and deliver JIRA’s opinions.
●The committee provides information from the DITTA Global Health Working Group, an NGO of the WHO, to member companies as well as seeking to make sure JIRA’s opinions are reflected.
●The committee works to make sure JIRA’s opinions are reflected in the DITTA GRP (Good Refurbish Practice) WG, a working group that examines a refurbishment process, and provides information to member companies. 

DITTA Expert Committee
●The committee sends representatives to DITTA conferences and DITTA Working Group meetings to discuss issues and deliver JIRA’s opinions and seeks to solve issues. It also conducts lobbying activities such as announcement of joint statement as needed.
●The committee sends representatives to the IMDRF Working Group meetings to participate in discussions on harmonization and convergence of regulations and deliver opinions of the industry and seeks to solve issues. It also conducts lobbying activities as needed.
●The committee assesses the activities conducted by DITTA Working Groups and IMDRF Working Groups and discusses measures to take in Japan. It works to discuss and solve issues by coordinating and cooperating with each division and committee.