Public Relations Committee


In order to unify information that JIRA provides, this committee determines how to respond when interviewed for newspapers and magazines, which materials to provide, and how to operate the website. It aims to promote JIRA and this industry and improve our image through effective PR activities.


  • Public Relations Committee
    • Technological PR Expert Committee
    • EMMI (Electronic Museum of Medical Imaging) Joint Expert Committee
    • Website Renewal Working Group

Main activities

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee conducts external public relations activities in accordance with the JIRA Basic Action Policy based on JIRA Medical Imaging System Industry Vision 2020. The committee promotes strategic PR activities from a global perspective in cooperation with the Industry Strategy Planning Office and the International Committee. In cooperation with related units, such as the Technological PR Expert Committee, Overseas PR Expert Committee, and EMMI (Electronic Museum of Medical Imaging) Joint Expert Committee, the committee provides information for the government, press, research institutions, and member companies both on a paper medium and on JIRA website on a timely basis.

●Planning and management of press conferences
●Publication of Data Book: Medical Imaging System Industry at a Glance
●Planning and update of JIRA’s overview (Japanese/ English)
●Planning and publication of JIRA news brochures
●Provision of JIRA News
●Cooperation with events held by external organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Technical PR Expert Committee
●Planning and publication of JIRA Technical Report

EMMI (Electronic Museum of Medical Imaging) Joint Expert Committee
●Operation and management of EMMI (Electronic Museum of Medical Imaging)

Website Renewal Working Group
●Planning related to the website