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JIRA Chairman
JIRA Chairman
Akio Yamamoto

I am Akio Yamamoto, and I was appointed as a chairman of the Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association (JIRA) on June 4, 2020. I would like to thank you for your continued support of JIRA's activities.

First of all, the outbreak of the new coronavirus at the end of 2019 has spread around the world, and on April 7 in Japan, a state of emergency was declared based on the Act on Special Measures against New Influenza, etc., which had a significant impact on the lives of the people, the provision of medical care by medical institutions, and the economic activities of companies, etc. I would like to take this opportunity to express my respect for medical professionals and others who are taking a stand against the new coronavirus. Under these circumstances, JIRA and its member companies, as members of the medical industry, will continue their activities to support the medical field, including the stable supply and operation of equipment, systems, and services.

JIRA is an association of companies that develop, manufacture, and sell diagnostic imaging equipment and systems such as X-ray systems, X-ray CT systems, MRI systems, nuclear medicine systems, ultrasound systems, and image processing systems, radiation therapy systems, and related products. Since its establishment in 1967 as the "Japan Radiological Instruments Association", JIRA has continued to progress with the development of radiation medicine in Japan, and today, with the participation of companies that supply diagnostic imaging systems and related equipment and products, as well as companies in the medical ICT business, JIRA has grown to include about 200 companies.

The medical equipment industry is expected to be one of the pillars of growth for the Japanese economy, and the imaging and medical systems industry in particular has the potential to compete internationally. In April 2019, JIRA formulated "JIRA Vision 2025 for the Imaging and Medical Systems Industry" in light of changes in the social environment and global situation, as well as rapid technological innovations such as AI. The four visions we are aiming for are as follows.

  1. Realize world-leading medical innovations that lead the way in social change.
  2. Contribute to improving the quality of healthcare and expanding the medical device industry through the use of innovative digital technologies.
  3. To contribute to the world by providing Japan's excellent medical care and medical systems.
  4. Realize safe, secure and stable medical care by providing a system that adapts to changes in the social and natural environment.

Based on the "JIRA Vision 2025 for the Medical Imaging Systems Industry," JIRA will make proposals for policies and regulations to create the environment that will be needed in the future in addition to the environment and foundations that have been built up to date in order to adapt to changes in the social environment and provide technologies and products that meet the needs of the medical field as quickly as possible.

The environment surrounding JIRA will change drastically in the future. Though the state of emergency was lifted nationwide on May 25, we will not go back to the past, but will have to create a NEW NORMAL. Reform of the working style of medical professionals is being promoted, and various measures, including a review of business operations, are being taken. JIRA will continue to provide products, systems, and services that contribute to patient safety and security, as well as to improving the quality and efficiency of medical care, while at the same time transforming the activities of industrial associations from face-to-face to online participation to promote efficient and effective business activities.

JIRA's mission is to contribute to the sound development of the medical equipment industry in Japan and to improve the quality of life (QOL) of medical care and people around the world by revitalizing the imaging and medical systems industry. We will continue to contribute to the further progress of the industry while inheriting the efforts and results accumulated to date. JIRA and its member companies, in cooperation with the government, academic societies, and related organizations, will make efforts to overcome this difficult situation and make a concerted effort to achieve further development of the imaging and medical systems industry by working together with JIRA's subcommittees and committees to ensure thorough compliance. We look forward to your continued guidance in the future.

JIRA Chairman Akio Yamamoto