Medical Imaging System Division


This division actively participates in the activities related to standardization of medical information in Japan and abroad and contributes to product development of member companies through popularization of the standards.

Main activities

  • Proposal and deliberation of related international standards
  • Activities to popularize and raise awareness about medical information standardization
  • Education for protection of medical information and improvement of quality of medical products
  • Development of JESRA (Japanese Engineering Standards of Radiological Apparatus)


  • Medical Image System Division Main Committee
    • Security Committee
    • DICOM Committee
    • Diagnostic Monitor System Committee
    • Image Diagnosis Report Committee
    • System Education Committee
    • New Image Medical IT Industry Promotion Working Group

Main activities

Main Committee
In order to popularize and improve information systems related to medical images, this committee actively participates in the development of standards and makes proposals for popularization of such standards and problem solving in Japan in cooperation with domestic and international medical information standardization organizations and related industry associations, academic societies, and government units.

Security Committee
This committee engages in discussions on and the exchange of information about domestic and international standards and technological trends related to security and privacy and examines guidelines by forming a working group when needed. Specifically, it handles the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, ISO/TC215 WG4, DICOM WG14, IHE, and SPC.

DICOM Committee
This committee participates in the DICOM Standards Committee (Secretariat: Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance [MITA], a division of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association [NEMA]) on behalf of the member companies. It works together with related organizations to popularize DICOM standards and plan and examine standards related to image information required in clinical practice in Japan. Even though DICOM is in widespread use today, the committee discusses adjustment of connection mismatches caused by misunderstandings and educational activities with DICOM experts and users. Specifically, the committee proposes standards to the DICOM Standard Committee, gives lectures at various related academic conferences, and sponsors DICOM-related seminars for clinical radiological technologists who have been working for several years and sales and service staff of medical equipment vendors who have been working for several years

Diagnostic Monitor System Committee
In order to popularize appropriate diagnostic monitors, the committee conducts a wide range of activities, such as development of guidelines and standards, popularization of quality management of monitors, and surveys and information gathering. Specifically, it develops and reviews the “Quality Assurance Guidelines for Medical Imaging Display Systems” (JESRA X-0093) and co-hosts monitor accuracy management seminars. The committee also implements popularization activities, such as the distribution of brochures and writings, lectures, and seminars and conducts surveys on trends in standard setting and the current situation of monitor quality management at home and abroad.

Image Diagnosis Report Committee
Aiming at the standardization of image reading reports, this committee engages in the standardization of the procedure for exchanging image diagnosis report data between different systems to reduce the burden of data transition and transfer and provides tools and conduct promotional activities to popularize and promote such procedure.

System Education Committee
As the committee in charge of PR activities for the Medical Imaging System Division, this committee is mainly focused on website operation and study sessions. It also supports JIRA’s exhibition booth at the International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging (ITEM). In addition, the committee introduces the activities of the division to a wide audience through JIRA news brochures, academic journals including JSRT, and private medical information magazines.