Environment Committee


The Committee also conducts activities related to environmental regulations on medical equipment in order to help develop this industry and elevate its status.

Main activities

  • Research on trends in international environmental regulation on medical equipment


  • Environment Committee

Main activities

The Environment Committee promotes industry-wide environmental efforts, such as measures against global warming, while collecting and disseminating information on environmental regulations that affect the sale of medical equipment at home and abroad.
1. Collects and disseminates information on international environmental regulations that affects the export of medical equipment such as European regulations on chemical substances (RoHS, REACH).
2. Exchanges information with the Japanese government and industry associations related to RoHS categories 8 and 9 and summarizes and delivers Japan’s opinions.
3. Conducts a survey on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions on a continuous basis in cooperation with the Environmental Committee of the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Association.