Business Activities

Activity in 2020

The basic policy for JIRA activities in FY 2020 was formulated to realize the four visions in "JIRA Vision 2025 for the Imaging and Medical Systems Industry".

1. Achieve world-leading medical innovations that lead the way in social change

In order to "extend healthy life expectancy," which is an issue facing the super-aging society, it is important to provide modalities and functions to support early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment, to coordinate medical information in a wide range of fields such as prophylaxis, diagnosis, and treatment, to develop technologies to analyze a large amount of diverse medical information and provide new perspectives, to realize personalized medicine, and to link up with the new medical industry.

  • Proposals to the administration regarding the medical insurance system, the Medical Care Act, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act, etc.
  • Cooperation with other organizations and educational activities
  • Proactively work to expand the base of the imaging and medical systems industry.

2. To contribute to improving the quality of healthcare and expanding the medical device industry through the use of innovative digital technologies

Innovative digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, medical IoT, medical big data, and next-generation communication technologies are beginning to contribute to improving the quality of medical care, and this is an opportunity to expand the imaging and medical systems industry. The use of these technologies is expected to lead the imaging and medical care system industry to a new era, including support for diagnostic imaging, reduction of patient/physician burdens, linkage of new diagnoses and treatments, and increased efficiency in the medical field.

  • Development of infrastructure for using AI (artificial intelligence) in imaging medical systems
  • Support for IT industry and medical venture companies
  • Actively support the expansion of functions that contribute to improving the productivity of medical professionals.

3. To contribute to the world by providing Japan's excellent medical care and medical systems

For the international development of imaging medical systems and services, it is important to respond to local medical device standards and systems, provide imaging medical systems that meet local medical needs, and collect information on local political, economic, environmental, social, and technological trends.

  • Promote standardization (ISO, IEC, JIS, JESRA, etc.) activities.
  • Promotion of international harmonization of medical device regulations
    (To participation in IMDRF and DITTA activities)
  • Actively support overseas expansion.

4. To provide safe, secure and stable medical care by providing a system that adapts to changes in the social and natural environment

In recent years, however, it has become increasingly important to adapt to changes in the social environment, such as more sophisticated cyber-attacks and a decreasing working population, as well as to changes in the natural environment, such as global warming.

  • Awareness of the risks of disrupting the medical environment (e.g., cyber attack, infection, etc.)
  • To promote the value of equipment maintenance
  • Proactively promote the shift to energy-saving systems with low environmental impact

5. Enhance JIRA basic activities

JIRA will enhance the following activities as a foundation for realizing the four visions.

  • Promotion of compliance awareness activities
  • Improve the value we provide to JIRA members
    -Enhancement of seminars to support corporate human resource development
    -Establishing an IT infrastructure that makes it easy to participate in JIRA activities
    -Improve the presence, support, and continuity of members of committees and subcommittees
    -Enhancement of information transmission to members
  • Ongoing promotion of existing activities
    -Strengthen public relations activities
    -Strengthen survey and research activities
    -Expanding the MRC Accreditation System
    -Ongoing training in accordance with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act
    -Promote exhibition business and support ITEM webcasting