Code of Ethics

Basic Principles

Member corporations (members, hereafter) shall act with an awareness that they are members of a medical device industry group, and that the devices / products manufactured and sold are deeply involved with medical practice, strictly governing themselves to ensure that they merit the trust placed in them by society.
Members must strive to collect the wisdom and knowledge of corporations, making use of the latest and highest level scientific technologies to provide the best results to society in order to respond to the basic need of society for the maintenance and promotion of health.
Members shall be aware of their social mission to contribute to the progress of the health and medical care area through the development, production, supply, and maintenance of products, achieving sound growth in harmony with society based on a high ethical awareness.

Code of Practice

  1. Commitment to research and development and ensuring efficacy and safety
    In addition to a commitment to research and development, responding to advances in science including medicine, efficacy and safety must be strictly confirmed.
  2. Assuring quality
    In order to ensure the maintenance of quality standards and reliability,appropriate quality control must be conducted at the manufacturing stage that includes design and trial manufacturing, the distribution stage, and the maintenance stage.
  3. Provision and management of information for appropriate use
    In order to ensure that products are used appropriately, users must be familiarized with the purpose and method of use, and have accurate information about maintenance.
  4. Preparation of a stable supply system
    A system must be prepared where products and parts / materials can be supplied in accordance with demand, and maintenance can be conducted in response to the request of users.
  5. Fair competition
    Efforts must be made to create a corporate character based on a correct management philosophy and fair competition, and actions that may betray the rust of society must be strictly abstained from.

June 3, 1991
Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association