Industry Promotion Committee


This committee respond flexibly and promptly to changes in the external environment such as economic environment and technical environment and take measures to promote the development of JIRA related industries (modality equipment, software, peripheral equipment, related works, measurement management, maintenance service etc.)


  • Industry Promotion Committee
    • Steering Committee
    • Education, Training and Networking Expert Committee
    • Academic Expert Committee
    • Regional Corporation Expert Committee

Main activities

Steering Committee
This committee develops annual business plans for the Industry Promotion Committee, makes budget proposals, and compiles business reports. It is responsible for its committees and makes sure each expert committee can promote their activities smoothly. The committee head participates in the Policy planning and management meeting and provide opinions on management of JIRA operations.

Education, Training and Networking Expert Committee
This expert committee promotes active, sound exchanges with related academic societies and measures that contribute to the development of small and medium-sized companies.

Academic Expert Committee
This expert committee plans and promotes education and training conducive to expanding and developing businesses.

Regional Corporation Expert Committee
This committee promotes projects 1 through 3 as shown above with a focus on medical device industry. It also engages in active information exchange. The committee plans and hosts lectures and study sessions.