Business Activities

Policy of 2018 Business Activities

Contribution to the development of the medical imaging systems industry

  • Strengthening of policy proposal activities
    Participating in, and making proposals at, discussion meetings, etc., with the ministries and agencies such as the Cabinet Secretariat, MHLW, and METI, etc.
    • Proposals for constructing next-generation insurance and medical systems
      • Use and application of medical information that uses AI, etc.
      • Ensuring the smooth operation of the Clinical Study Act
      • Ensuring the smooth operation of the enforcement of the Next-Generation Medical Infrastructure Act
      • Cybersecurity measures
    • Proper assessment of medical devices under the medical service fee setup
      • Promotion of infection prevention measures
      • Promotion of maintenance and management of medical devices
  • Support of SMEs
    • Sharing of information held by municipalities, etc.
    • Support of human resource development

Contribution to healthcare by utilizing ICT technologies

  • Supporting the IT industry and medical venture corporations: Guidelines on the application of AI to image diagnosis were drawn up during FY2017.
    • Sharing of information on MHLW’s review guidelines in the AI field  
    • Operation of METI’s development guidelines in the AI field
  • Sharing of information with medical institutions
    • Management of radiation doses
    • Cybersecurity measures
    • Clinical Study Act, Next-Generation Medical Infrastructure Act, Revised Personal Information Protection Law

Assisting the global deployment of healthcare services and healthcare systems

  • Promotion of the activities of the Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT & Radiation Therapy Trade Association (DITTA)
    • Promotion of international harmonization of standards and systems
  • Provision of overseas business expansion support
    • Collection and release of information on newly-emerging countries, etc.
    • Collaboration with JETRO and MEJ  

Boosting of JIRA’s base activities

  • Strengthening of publicity activities
    • Strengthening of the operation of JIRA’s official website
    • Boosting of publications
  • Strengthening of survey and research activities
    • Enhanced precision of JIRA’s market statistics and fact-finding surveys on introduction of medical devices
    • Survey and research of various statistical documents; questionnaire surveys, etc.
  • Promotion of activities towards business expansion
    • Expansion of exhibition businesses conducted jointly with the JRC
    • Systematization and commercialization of seminars 
    • Expansion and new launch of the MRC certification system
    • Supporting JIRA members such as the issuance of certifications relating to taxation measures, and provision of information on the tax system and subsidies
    • Gathering and release of information on overseas standards such as IEC and ISO; formulation of JIS draft plan and announcement of standards; dissemination of the Japanese Engineering Standards of Radiological Apparatus (JESRA)
    • Broadly disseminating information on the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act
    • Promotion of radiation dose management
    • Release of information on saving energy
    • Management of monitor accuracy, and spread of the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard, and the GHS mark

The JIRA will thoroughly comply with various rules and regulations at all times, and carry out activities for FY2018.