Business Activities

JIRA Vision 2020
(Target Image of the Medical Imaging Systems Industry)

1. Realize world-leading medical innovations in an aging society with a declining birth rate Realize the following through the exploration and expansion of technologies such as highly accurate and highly functional, minimally invasive diagnostic imaging and radiotherapies that match medical needs.
(1)  Stronger links between diagnosis and treatment and better QOL through early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment
(2)  Strengthening and expansion of the medical imaging systems industry coupled with new medical technology fields
2. Realize a high-quality medical environment, from prevention, health checks, diagnosis and treatment, across a broad spectrum of healthcare domains Promote the development of energy-saving, compact and portable medical devices that are highly environmentally friendly and suited to use during disasters and other emergencies, and prepare an environment for the accumulation and application of medical information, with the following aims:
(1)  Penetration of medical imaging systems and expansion of ICT applications
(2)  Development of seamless medical imaging systems and services for health, medical care and nursing care settings
3. Contribute to raising the quality of medical service and to the expansion of the medical devices industry through the promotion of ICT applications Contribute to the following by promoting ICT applications in the medical imaging systems industry:
(1)  Medical advances and expansion of diagnostic support technologies, linking of diagnosis and treatment, creation of new clinical knowledge, further reliability, safety and efficiency of healthcare
(2)  Remote medicine, local coordination, and the creation of new related businesses in areas such as prevention, nursing care, and healthcare
4. Contribute to the world through the provision of uniquely Japanese medical service and medical systems Work towards the following with strategies for the international development of medical imaging systems and services, and strategies for international conformity and intellectual property strategies based on those business development strategies.
(1)  Contribution to medicine around the world through the extension of Japan’s medical service area and the acceleration of the expansion into global markets
(2)  Expansion of exports by the medical device industry