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<Organization composition of JIRA>
(1) The General Assembly is JIRA's decision-making body consisting of all full members. It meets at least once a year.
(2) The Board of Directors is an operating body that consists of the Chairmen, Vice Chairman, Senior Directors, Executive Directors and Directors. It meets regularly, four times a year.
(3) The Standing Board of Directors consists of the Chairmen, Vice Chairman, Senior Directors, Executive Directors and Standing Directors and it deliberates on matters delegated from the Board of Directors.

Organization Chart

organization Chart

Activities of Divisions and Committees

JIRA takes part aggressively in enactment of various standards and regulations which needs global harmonization in these days, and widely supports the amazing prosperities of member companies by many activities of Divisions.

Medical Imaging System Division
This Division actively participates in the activities in Japan and abroad to standardize medical information, and boosts JIRA’s presence in this area.

Main activities

  • Proposals and deliberation of the related international standards
  • Popularization of medical information standards
  • Education for p rotection of medical data and improvement of quality of medical products
  • Drafting standards for industry association
Standardization Division
In order to standardize medical diagnostic imaging equipment, radiotherapy equipment and radiation-related equipment, this Division deliberates IEC standards and develops the corresponding JIS drafts.
Thirty-three Subcommittees make efforts for “Standardization aimed at international harmonization and its popularization”.

Main activities

  • Standardizationofmedicalequipment,and development of JIS drafts and Japanese Engineering Standards of Radiological Apparatus
  • Deliberation of related IEC standards
  • Holding seminars
Regulation and Safety Division
In order to market JIRA products under regulations, this Division investigates and examines the laws and regulations relevant to medical equipment and submits proposals to the government.
This Division also plans and implements the safety-related measures and negotiates with the authority concerning the PAL-related regulations in order to promote this industry and elevate its status.

Main activities

  • Survey, deliberation and popularization of related medical regulations
  • Survey of regulations related to the safety and quality system
  • Information exchange with relevant academic institutions and associations
  • Trend survey and investigation of overseas environmental regulations related to medical devices
Economy Division
This Division investigates issues and makes proposals to the government regarding the reimbursement system.
Based on the member company’s requests, this Division also cooperates with relevant academic institutions and associations, and submits proposals for the reimbursement system of medical imaging and diagnostics.

Main activities

  • Summarizing opinions and making proposals for revision of the reimbursement system
  • Survey and establishment of reimbursement system for medical equipment
  • Drafting the med ium-term vision for the medical equipment industry and submitting the proposals to the government
  • Information exchange with the relevant academic institutions and associations
Public Relations Committee
In order to integrate information sent from JIRA, this Committee determines how to respond to journalism and how to manage the web site.
Effective PR activity covering JIRA and this industry will enhance our reputation.
Enterprise Promotion Committee
IIn order to help the member companies prosper by responding to the changing economic situation, this Committee holds seminars, reporting sessions and training sessions, cooperates with the relevant academic institutions and surveys the government policy for industrial growth.
Survey and Research Committee
This Committee surveys the JIRA original statistics regarding the production, export and import of medical imaging systems, and also surveys and analyzes matters affecting the member companies.
Radiation & Dose Committee
In order to control and reduce the dose generated by radiation medical equipment and associated equipment, this Committee cooperates with the relevant organizations.
Exhibition Committee
This Committee manages the three exhibitions associated with “The International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging”, “The Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine”, “The Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine”.
International Committee
International Committee collects, analyzes and uses the information required to promote international business and collaborate with the related overseas associations to promote internationalization.
Medical Radiation Facilities Safety Administration Center (MRC)*
In order to secure the safety and effectiveness of medical radiation equipment, and to respond to the requests from medical institutions, MRC conducts training seminar for inspection technicians to keep sufficient level of knowledge and skills for maintenance work.
*MRC:Medical Radiation Facilities Safety Administration Center


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