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Outline:Products to be coverd by JIRA
Name of equipment based on classification table Remarks
Digestive organ X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified mainly for the diagnosis of digestive organs
Angiographic X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified mainly for angiographic diagnosis
Chest X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified mainly for diagnosis of the chest
Surgical X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified mainly in the operation room
Tomographic X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified mainly for tomography
Other particular diagnostic X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified for particular examinations, such as for breast, skull, urology, gynecology, pediatrics, Bucky, kymography, bone mineral analyzer, etc.
General purpose X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified for multiple purposes with no particular application
Mobile X-ray equipment Mobile X-ray equipment, including capacitor discharge type, transformer type, battery type, whether manual or motor-driven
Portable X-ray equipment Portable X-ray equipment specified for direct radiography
Mass screening X-ray equipment X-ray equipment specified for mass screening (capacitor discharge type, transformer type, or stationary type, portable type, vehicle-installed type, mirror camera)
X-ray CT scanner
X-ray data processor Data processor and its related equipment specified as a stand-alone unit for digital radiography equipment
Dental X-ray unit
Universal : X-ray equipment specified for oral radiography
Special purpose : X-ray equipment specified for panoramic radiography, cephalic radiography, etc
Scintillation camera Scintillation camera and its combined equipment, such as data processor and related equipment
Nuclear medicine data processor Data processor and related equipment that are not combined with scintillation camera, etc.
Nuclear medicine clinical laboratory equipment RIA equipment, RIA system and related equipment
Other nuclear equipment
Image processing : ECT (single-photon ECT, positron CT, etc.)
Other general purpose : Scintillation scanner, dynamic function tester, radiopharmaceutical generator and related equipment
Magnetic resonance imaging system (MR) Diagnostic imaging equipment that employs magnetic resonance
Other diagnostic image processors PACS (including equipment for image input, storage, display, hard copy, etc.)
Radioisotope therapy equipment Teletherapy equipment, intracavitary radiation equipment, radiotherapy planning equipment and related equipment
Particle accelerator for radiotherapy Betatron, linear accelerator, other radiotherapy equipment and radiotherapy planning equipment
Other therapy equipment Hyperthermia, lithotripter, etc.
Related apparatus
Contrast medium injector : Including enema contrast medium evacuator and related equipment
Automatic film processor : Including direct and indirect radiographic use and related equipment
Other equipment : Including pulse generator, automatic exposure control, exposure reduction device, other accessory, video recorder, imager, film copier, image minifying device
Tools : Lieder's cassette holder, variable aperture beam limiting device, dark X-ray shutter, camera, etc.
Radiographic supplies : Including film marker, name printer, body fastener, cassette, grid, intensifying screen, fluorescent screen, phantom, X-ray chart, chest caliper, pelvis caliper, cassette box, dark room supplies, developing supplies
Film viewer : X-ray film viewer (for direct and indirect radiography, stereo radiography, high-density film, microfilm etc.)
Personal protective device :  
Medical radiation equipment
tester, measuring instrument
: X-ray tube current ammeter, X-ray tube voltage voltmeter, fluorescence meter, other testing and measuring instrument
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