JIRA Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association
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Outline:Major activities
Article 1
This association shall be named Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association (JIRA)
Article 3
This association intends to contribute to the growth of the diagnostic imaging equipment and systems, radiotherapy systems, and related products and people's health and welfare by the standardization, quality and safety assurance and technological improvements of medical radiological systems (including equipment, related components, accessories, etc. that employ radiation for the diagnosis and therapy of patients).
Business activities
Article 4
This association shall conduct the following business activities in order to achieve the objectives laid down in the preceding article.
(1) To draft standards related to medical imaging systems and to promote standardization
(2) To conduct research and surveys concerning the improvement of the quality, safety and technology of medical imaging systems
(3) To promote and improve the production, distribution and foreign trade for medical imaging systems
(4) To hold and participate in exhibitions, seminars and technical training courses related to medical imaging systems
(5) To disseminate information about laws, regulations, standards, etc. related to medical imaging systems and to cooperate with regulatory authorities
(6) To conduct other activities that are necessary to achieve the aims of this association
Division and committee
Article 42
This association shall organize divisions and committees in order to ensure smooth implementation of business activities.
2. The divisions and committees shall survey, research or deliberate on relevant matters.
3. (omitted)
Article 43
This association shall form a secretariat to process clerical tasks related to this association.
2. (omitted)
3. (omitted)
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